You sell a wellness product. Should your website have a blog?

Yes, the website for your wellness product needs a blog. 

Yes, the website for your wellness product needs a blog. 

I was working in a coffee shop yesterday and a started chatting with the woman next to me. She asked what I did for a living and when I told her she said, “My cousin sells premium tea. He wants to convince coffee shops and consumers that tea is a healthier choice than coffee. Should he have a blog?”

The answer is a resounding yes.

Here’s why:

First, a blog is updated regularly and that keeps your name out there. In today’s crowded market, where everyone is vying for readers, clients, and customers, people need to encounter your name more than once simply to remember who you are. Your name pops up in their Inbox or in their social media feed and readers go, Oh, yeah! He’s the tea guy. I remember now... .

Second, a blog is where you can talk about all the reasons to buy your product. You can use the blog to write (and write and write and write!) about all the different healing compounds in tea (or whatever you sell), about how it’s great for heart health, for cellular health, for youthful skin, for weight loss, and on and on. A blog is a chance to shine a bright light on the amazing ways your product can improve people’s lives.

Third, a blog gives you a chance to show off your personality, to highlight your smarts and your trustworthiness, to become a trusted advisor and friend. People support companies when they like the people and the stories behind that company. So use a blog to show off who you are!

In short, a blog post is an easy way to talk to readers and help them realize that your product is right for them. It’s marketing that doesn’t look or feel like marketing (which is the best kind of marketing of all).

Don’t rely on the idea that your product will sell itself. No product does, no matter how great. Use a blog to tell people why your wellness product is superb and soon readers will be clamoring for your products and services!


Laine Bergeson